Child Arrangement Order Co Parenting Agreement Template

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Child Arrangement Order Co-Parenting Agreement Template: A Comprehensive Guide

When couples with children separate or divorce, it can be a tumultuous and challenging time. One of the most important priorities in a separation or divorce involving children is to ensure that their interests and well-being are protected. The best way to achieve this is through a comprehensive agreement that sets out how the children will be cared for and provided for going forward.

One such agreement is a Child Arrangement Order Co-Parenting Agreement. This article will provide an overview of what a Child Arrangement Order (CAO) is, what a Co-Parenting Agreement entails, and how to create a template that works for you.

What is a Child Arrangement Order?

A Child Arrangement Order (CAO) is a legal agreement that outlines the arrangements for the care and upbringing of children in a separation or divorce. A CAO specifies the person who the child will live with, when they will have contact with the other parent, and any other important details such as financial arrangements.

A CAO is an important document because it ensures that both parents are clear on their responsibilities and the expectations that they have for each other and their children.

What is a Co-Parenting Agreement?

A Co-Parenting Agreement is a document that is created to help parents manage the responsibilities and expectations of co-parenting. It may be part of a Child Arrangement Order or a separate document that is created in addition to a CAO.

A Co-Parenting Agreement can include information on how parents will communicate with each other, how they will divide responsibilities such as school pickups and drop-offs, and how they will work together to make important decisions about their children`s upbringing. It can also detail how disputes between parents will be resolved.

Why use a Co-Parenting Agreement Template?

Creating a Co-Parenting Agreement from scratch can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Using a template can be an efficient way to create an agreement that meets the needs of all parties involved. A good template will include all the key elements of a co-parenting agreement, which can save time and money.

How to Create a Child Arrangement Order Co-Parenting Agreement Template

Step 1: Decide on Key Elements

Before you begin creating a Co-Parenting Agreement, you need to decide on the key elements that will be included in the agreement. These may include:

– Details of residence and care arrangements, including contact with each parent and any third parties such as grandparents

– Details of how decisions about the child`s health, education and well-being will be made

– Financial arrangements, such as child support

– Communication protocols, including how often parents will communicate and what method of communication will be used

– Dispute resolution processes

Step 2: Draft the Agreement

Once you have decided on the key elements that will be included in the agreement, it is time to begin drafting the Co-Parenting Agreement. This can be done using a template or, if you prefer, you can create the agreement from scratch.

When drafting the agreement, it is important to be as clear and specific as possible. The more detail that is included, the less room there is for misunderstandings and disputes.

Step 3: Seek Legal Advice

Before finalizing the Co-Parenting Agreement, it is recommended that you seek legal advice. A lawyer can review the agreement, provide recommendations and ensure that it complies with any relevant legal requirements.

Step 4: Sign and Finalize

Once the agreement has been finalized, it should be signed by both parents and any other relevant parties, such as grandparents. The agreement should be reviewed regularly, ideally annually, to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of all parties involved.


A Child Arrangement Order Co-Parenting Agreement is an important document that can help parents navigate the complexities of co-parenting. A template can be an efficient way to create an agreement that meets the needs of all parties involved. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create a comprehensive and effective Co-Parenting Agreement that will help ensure the well-being of your children.